• A life worth saving?

    Little Aid is a leading provider of quality first aid training and products that are baby and child-specific ... Read more

  • Our trainers

    Michelle has been in the first aid industry for ten years. Her background started at the 000 centre in Burwood, Melbourne in 2000, which involved being the first point of contact in people’s emergencies ... Read more

  • Poisoning

    When we think poisoning we usually conjure up thoughts of items such as cleaning products, pills and even vomiting. But it goes much, much further than that!

  • Allergies

    If you have a child with an allergy, make sure that you tell everyone that they come into contact with about their condition and requirements, and even constantly remind those that care for them all t...
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  • Knowledge and Information is Power!

    I found the course easy to understand. Michelle answered all my questions and I wasn’t embarrassed to ask anything. I feel I can do a lot more in an emergency now, not that I ever want to. The fi...
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  • A day at the beach

    My daughter (5) and I were at the beach and had been in and out of the water for about an hour we were about to go when she asked if we could have one more splash in the water. I was standing maybe kn...
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  • Go for a walk

    How many times have we heard from grandparents "in my day we used to walk for miles in the snow to get to school!". If you can, even if it’s a couple of times a week, try walking or riding to schoo...
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  • Staying warm turns to tragedy

    My baby was not yet crawling and was about 9 months old. The house was really cold with no heating except a little fire place, as we were heading out soon I didn't light it, instead turned on the bar ...
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  • Effects of an unplanned tantrum

    My daughter (aged 2) threw a tantrum near a window, tripped over and her head went through the window, deeply cutting her forehead. The next thing I knew I was crying in the bathroom, holding the two ...
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