First Aid Certificates

Little Aid are proud to be able to offer the option of a nationally recognised first aid certificate with our courses soon! Perfect for kindergartens, child-care centres, schools etc. This will be available later in October 2012 so please contact us if you are after a certificate for your training through Little Aid.

So not only do you receive quality training with medical professionals, full home safety evaluations, car restraint fitting/checking... We are now covering the formal certificate option for you as well! (Less expensive non-accredited training will still be offered).

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Michelle has been in the first aid industry for ten years. Her background started at the 000 centre in Burwood, Melbourne in 2000, which involved being the first point of contact in people’s emergencies. She then became a Workplace Trainer for the ambulance telecommunications centre and thoroughly enjoyed this role. Michelle left this role after her second daughter was born, and entered the world of first aid training for major organizations doing accredited courses before starting Little Aid in 2008.

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